Watch Out For Bullies Masquerading as Leaders

When bullies get the power of the State behind them they become tyrants. History is littered with the corpses of their victims. Bullies must be stopped early and firmly. I endorse the following article by Pat McLagan (Leadership Development & Managing Change for the Changing World of Work | Speaker, Coach, Award Winner Author of The Shadow Side of Power: Lessons for Leaders)


I am concerned about this election and the image and philosophy of leadership — as well as of civilization — that is being bandied about. Trump’s bullying, racism, demeaning, lying and distortions, and shallow interpretation of events is not only dangerous but also will set a role model of destructive leadership that will endure for years.

… I have been a student of leadership and its shadow side for most of my life and feel I must speak out and continue to speak out. I would be horrified if my grandchildren grew up with a leadership model a la Trump. How about YOU? (Read full article)