Ira Chaleff Speeches and Workshops

Intelligent Disobedience applied to Child Development and Safety

Keynote speech by Ira Chaleff
CFA Institute, Charlottesville, VA

October 1, 2019

Intelligent Disobedience in the Army

The Centre for Army Leadership
Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst, UK

October 4, 2017

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Train the Trainer

Leadership & Followership Practitioner’s Certification

October 17/18, 2017

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Follow Courageously: What Does it Mean To Me

The Bureau of Consular Affairs
Leadership Speaker Series
USA Department of State

January 5,2012
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On Intelligent Disobedience

Graduate School of Business
Distinguished Speakers Programme
University of Cape Town

May 12, 2016

Application of Intelligent Disobedience to child safety and development

Ira Chaleff at Asia-Pacific International Schools Conference – December 2016

Ira Chaleff giving keynote address to 500 teachers from 180 schools and 24 Asian countries on the application of Intelligent Disobedience to child safety and development.

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Ira stressing lessons for teachers from Intelligent Disobedience.

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Examining how children are taught to behave authority at all times, and need tools for saying “no” if what they are told to do is unsafe.

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The Honor of Courageous Followership

Ira Chaleff at Stockdale Center For Ethical Leadrship
US Naval Academy – April 16, 2013

Introductory Excerpt
The Honor of Courageous Followership

Full Video
The Honor of Courageous Followership

Leading and Following Through Tango

Ira Chaleff at Georgetown University Graduation Ceremony – June 15, 2011

Part I
Trust, Tango and Followership

Part II
What Tango Teaches about these roles in life

Part III
Is the Follower Role or the Leader Role More Difficult?

Followership: The Evolution of a Leader

2014 Leadership Conference at the US Naval Academy
Panel II: Ethics: The Leader, The Follower and the Organization

Excerpts from panel showing Ira Chaleff’ remarks and answers to questions

January 27, 2014

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Conversations in Transformational Leadership

Ira Chaleff at Environmental Protection Agency – May, 2008

Part I
Are you a Leader or a Follower

Part II
Followership Defined

Part III
What Is Hard About Followership?

Part IV
How Do Followers Create Tust With Their Leaders

Part V
Leaders, Followers, Self-Interest Aand Risk

Part VI
When Should Followers Bypass The Chain of Command?

Part VII
How Can Followers Give Upward Feedback?

Ira Chaleff Speeches and Workshops