Renaissance Academy Students Successfully Apply Leadership and Followership Skills

You may remember reading in earlier posts about the magnificant 8th graders at the Renaissance Academy in East San Jose who studied the principles of good leadership and courageous followership and organized themselves into teams to correct a technology inequity in their primarily minority population school.

Their year-long, determined efforts have born fruit in new technology starting to flow into their school and in public awareness of the issue being raised. This is a wonderful article in the describing their efforts and successes along with those of other South Bay students.

The lessons learned in this endeavor will serve these young people throughout their lives. May they always display the qualities of courageous leadership and courageous followership. A special shout out to their advisors D. Marty Krovetz and Sanee Ibrahim. If anyone wishes to donate to the school’s technology fund you can do so through their page on the Donors Choose website