Lessons of a Revolutionary Life


Organized violence of man on man continues to be part of the human experience. In many cases, despotic regimes perpetrate this violence. In other situations, violence is the response of people that rebel against oppressive systems.

In the book “The Limits of Violence: Lessons of a Revolutionary Life”, Ira Chaleff compiles the memories and reflections of Élan Le Vieux, a hundred year old revolutionary who lived through much of the political turmoil of the 20th century.

Under the premise that people have the right to stand up to an oppressive regime, int The Limits of Violence Élan focus the violent methods of revolutionary struggle, their legitimacy, consequences and limits. He analyzes the challenge of replacing an oppressive regime without becoming the new oppressor. With this approach, in The Limits of Violence Élan contributes to the conception, development and preservation of the highest values of any genuine revolution, independent of its ideological views.