Darío O. Fernández

In Defense of Leadership (and Followership)

International Leadership Association blog post by Sharna Fabiano: “Though tainted as they are with cultural stereotypes, lead and follow are some of the best terms we have to describe what we do when we come together, speak and listen, decide and carry out, and otherwise coordinate around a common goal.”

Courageous Followership in the Military

Make the Time: Think, Connect, & Care – Article by Lt. Col. Karri Roman, 375th Health Care Operations Squadron commander / Published July 12, 2021 @ Scott Airforce Base website. “… The Airman is a courageous follower who takes risk. They ask questions and challenge the status quo; after all, a supervisor’s response such as “because that’s the way we’ve always done it” is rarely accepted…”

Followership: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Article by Ira Chaleff recently published on International Leadership Association (ILA) website. Leadership for the Greater Good: Reflections on Today’s Challenges From Around the World. Followership: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly The past 12 months have vividly demostraded the the crucial role followership plays in our communal life. […]

Courageous and Responsible Followers

Thoughtful article on followership by Colette Hoption, faculty fellow at the Center for Business Ethics and an Associate Professor of Managment, Albers School of Business and Economics, Seattle University. My current fellowship term exploring the responsibilities of leaders and followers began last July outside of Toronto. I joined international scholars […]

What is this subject we call Followership?

“What’s this subject we call followership really about? For me it’s about how we work collectively while retaining individual accountability. Yes, followership is about the relationship between the leader and follower. But it is s also the relationship between the individual and the group.” This is the opening to the […]

Train the Trainer, Brussels 2017

For the following two days I worked in Brussels with a dozen wonderful professionals in the training and executive coaching field. Most were from Europe though one came from Australia and another from Indonesia. The purpose was to equip them to fulfill any demand stimulated by my presentations for the […]

European Union, 2017

For those familiar with the many quirks of the US form of government, let me assure you that it looks almost rational next to the complexity of the EU institutions designed to achieve commonalities among its 28 widely varying member nations. I presented two workshops on Courageous Followership at the […]

Bright Spots Amid “The Carnage”

A peaceful but seismic change of government occurred this weekend in Washington. The newly sworn in President chose to describe the national landscape as one of “carnage” that was difficult for many to recognize. In the midst of the uncertain course of this presidency it is important to not lose […]

What do musicians do when the conductor can’t lead?

I teach a class at the Federal Executive Institute (FEI) to government managers on transforming hierarchical relationships into powerful partnerships. In the middle of the week, participants go on field trips to observe leading and following in significantly different settings than their usual work environment. This week a number of […]

Courage to take an ethical stance

The fifth “courage” in The Courageous Follower model is the courage to take an ethical stance. One of the more significant ways of taking an ethical stance is tendering one’s resignation to avoid colluding with ethically questionable behavior and to bring attention to that behavior. In US governance this option […]

Only fools…

Star Trek Next Generation fans know that Lieutenant Worf is a Klingon, a race of fierce warriors. Wesley Crusher was a young ensign who aspires to be accepted into Star Fleet Academy. He is about to undergo the final test which is a psychological test that will have him encounter […]

Why Followership Coaching?

My fellow authors and remarkable Followership trainers, Marc and Samantha Hurwitz of Toronto, Canada, recently included the following in their FliP newsletter: A few weeks back, Marc and I were in Orlando, Florida at a conference. We did a session and had a book signing in the conference bookstore. We […]

Followership at the 2014 Navy Leadership Conference

I had the honor and pleasure of participating in a conference whose theme was Followership at the US Naval Academy this week. Elements of the entire brigade of 4500 midshipmen attended the program as well as delegations from 60 other universities, including many of the most prestigious in the nations. […]

Tidings of the Season

As a nation, the tidings – the news – has been shocking and we are each in our way coping with how to celebrate our holidays in the knowledge that for some there is no way to celebrate. The event of the recent shootings penetrated deeply into our consciousness because […]