Giving Voice To Values

I am having the immense pleasure of reading the book Giving Voice to Values by Harvard professor Mary Gentile. The book is astonishingly complementary to Intelligent Disobedience. GVV as it is known comes from a strong research background while Intelligent Disobedience is driven by narratives from all walks and ages […]

Why Leaders Should Celebrate Disobedience

When Ira Chaleff came to present his book, Intelligent Disobedience, at the BK office, we realized it was more than a book to him: it was a lifelong mission… … WHY do people obey orders they know are morally wrong? That is the question…. Ira’s consulting practice helps leaders and […]

Wired to Obey or a Balance Between Obedience & Choice

Not sure how this came about but it’s good coverage of my new book: True or false: “Two-thirds of us would obey under certain circumstances even when we thought doing so was causing harm to others.” By Laura Carrol Read the full article True. According to leadership expert Ira Chaleff, […]

Disobedience Instruction

Ted Kinni is a long time business reporter who has written a punchy article on my new book, Intelligent Disobedience: I was one of those toddlers whose first word — if you choose to believe my mother — was an emphatic “No,” so I’ve always found it hard to believe […]

Just Say No

This is the best article on the application of Intelligent Disobedience by guide dogs that I have encountered. Read it and see how many parallels you can draw between the teamwork exhibited by the dog and the blind person it is guiding, and excellent follower-leader partnerships: Sally and her German […]