What is Intelligent Disobedience?

Listen to an excerpt from Intelligent Disobedience: Doing Right When What You’re Told To Do Is Wrong Audible Edition, read by Dave Clark

Doing Right When
What You’re Told To Do Is Wrong

Not obeying
if obeying wil produce harm

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Teaching Kids To Disobey (Intelligently)

When you place your children in the care of other adults – day care providers, teachers, coaches, religious clerics, camp counselors – you trust they will be safe but you can’t b totally sure. When a supposedly trusted authority figure tells a child to do something wrong it is a confusing and potentially dangerous experience (…read more…)

Original article by Ira Chaleff.
Published on HowToLearn.com (January 20, 2016)

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With Cheryl Miller on Virginia this Morning
WTVR CBS 6, Richmond VA; a Tribune Broadcasting station

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What the 1923 Honda Point Disaster can tell us about leadership now

By James McCusker (Economist, educator, consultant and columnnist)

(November 5, 2015)

The incident, known as the “Honda Point Disaster,” became a staple of leadership courses and wardroom discussions. The incident was and to a certain extent still is, used as an illustration of the conflicting goals in a situation where obeying an order is believed to endanger the ship


Twenty-three sailors lost their lives as seven U.S. Navy destroyers wrecked against the rocks near the Vandenberg shores in 1923. This tragedy was later referred to as the Honda Point disaster.

Today’s workplace is a navigation hazard in its own right and sometimes we are faced with decisions that seem so complicated that we don’t know what to do…

Hazards and threats in our lives and especially in our work are likely to present legal, moral, ethical and safety issues. Our relationships with authority are complex, yet most of us are trained from childhood to obey rules and orders. Result: conflict…

In his book and in his guide dog principle, Chaleff provides a useful chart and a compass so that we don’t end up hurting ourselves and others (… read more…)

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Named one of the “100 best minds on leadership” by Leadership Excellence magazine, Ira Chaleff has fully earned his reputation as a ground breaking author and speaker.

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Ira has been recognized in the Harvard Business Review as one of the three pioneers in the burgeoning field of followership development. Now Ira has again broken new ground with his book, Intelligent Disobedience: Doing Right When What You’re Told To Do Is Wrong.”

Chock with fresh insight, Intelligent Disobedience has been named the best leadership book of 2015 by The University of San Diego School of Leadership and Education Sciences based on its “innovation with new perspectives … and disruptive, emerging scholarship”.

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